Who Should I Hire to Install a Thermostat?

Who should I call to install a new Thermostat?

1. DO NOT hire an electrician. While electricians wire many things and will be more than happy to charge you to install a thermostat, they are not who you should call to install a thermostat.

2. Call an HVAC company. One who services HVAC equipment (i.e. Furnaces, Air Conditioners, AHU’s, etc).

3. When setting up your appointment ensure that you are getting a Licensed Journeyman HVAC Service Technician, from a reputable HVAC company, to come install your thermostat. While almost anyone can install a thermostat, we’ve discovered that there are several “HVAC Technicians” out there that claim to know what they are doing but in reality they do not and end up costing you money and time in the long run. So, don’t use a friend of a friend.

4. Be aware… A lot of HVAC companies out there do not like the idea of the consumer buying a thermostat from outside of the company that they represent and only calling on them to do the labor. They would rather sell you one of their thermostats. So, they may claim that the thermostat that you have purchased is not compatible with your system to try to schmooze you out of more money. While this is a possibility, the likely hood of this actually being the case is slim, VERY slim. Most standard thermostats are compatible with the majority of your equipment. Most thermostats that hard-ware stores carry are considered a standard thermostat. They are kind of like Universal Remotes for your HVAC equipment, they’ll work with 99% of the standard residential/commercial HVAC units. If the technician says that your new thermostat is incompatible with your system there is a good chance they are trying to work you for more money. Very rarely are standard thermostats incompatible with your standard home furnace.

5. DIY – really the whole purpose of purchasing a thermostat on your own is to save yourself some money. Not only through energy conservation, with a programmable thermostat, but also to save you the expensive service fees. Thermostats are not difficult to install, and in a lot of cases it’s just a matter of matching your current thermostat wire terminations to the new thermostat base. With about 10-20 minutes of sweat equity, you will find that you can save a lot of money by doing it yourself.

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