What The Fuss About Global Warming is All About

Global warming is a very popular phenomenon at the moment. Experts have actually come to the conclusion that it has finally started. The question that remains is to discover is how it will affect the lives of all the earths' inhabitants.

A Closer Look at Global Warming

Global warming is essentially just what its name suggests. It is a warming of the earth's atmosphere but not just a simple warming of the weather. The earth's climate regulates every other thing on a worldwide basis. This includes things such as: the oceans, the temperatures, the storms, the deserts and even the rainforests.

Due to the over-consumption of fuel sources such as gas, oil and coal, the earth's climate is rising abnormally. Pollution for such fuels has resulted in huge amounts of carbon dioxide being trapped within the atmosphere of the earth. The accumulation of "greenhouse gasses" has changed the way and manner in which nature controls and regulates the temperatures of the earth. The increase in these amounts of gasses also increases the earth's temperature too.

What's A Few Degrees Matter?

The warming of the earth may seem to be no cause for concern but the rise of temperature for a simple degree or so can result in a melting of the ice caps at the earth's extremes. Melting of the polar ice caps will also result in the flooding of cities which are near waterways. These cities include cities that are near water bodies such as Bangkok, New Orleans and London. A lot of people will lose their homes and places of work to the incoming waters.

This isn't all. A huge portion of the best arable land is located in low lying areas which are in regions that may be susceptible to global flooding. Whenever the seas rise, most if not all of this fertile land will be flooded over by water from the oceans. A lot of people worldwide will lose their primary source of growing any food.

One more industry that will be at risk is the fishing industry. With the subsequent rise in ocean water levels, fish will vacate areas that people normally fish for them for a living and move into other areas.

Food shortage isn't the only problem here. Increases in global temperature will also lead to an increase in many of the diseases that are found in the third-world nations of the world. These sorts of diseases include TB and malaria, the risk of these diseases becoming more commonplace will also affect some of the most industrialized countries as these higher temperatures tend to accelerate the breeding of the different bacteria that may cause these diseases.

It's More Than Warmer Temperatures

The dangers of a warmer climate are constantly on the increase as the global increase in temperature still continues. Global warming affects weather patterns the world over. When temperatures rise, regardless of whether this temperature increase is as small as a degree, storms tend to become a whole lot more violent in nature and unpr unprictictable. Hurricanes are getting more powerful and devastating each year. This trend will only get worse as each year passes. The size of the world's deserts also stand to increase as the land will become drier. In places where rains frequently occur, storms will become a whole lot worse and the resultant flooding will be even more severe. Winter will be just as harsh with heavier snowfalls that have never been seen.

The entire effects of global warming sound terrible and constantly on the increase but the best we can do at the moment is to lessen the effects of this global warming and the effects it has on the earth as well as our lives. These are just a few of the things that it is possible for everyone to do right now and which will ensure that the amount of carbon dioxide being release into the atmosphere is reduced:

  • Drive Sparingly. Try to take a walk when you can. Use public transportation or the car pool method.
  • Conserve energy. Whenever you aren't using lights, computers, appliances or TV's, make sure you switch them off. Make sure that you buy appliances that are energy efficient. Try as much as possible to buy and utilize manual appliances, tools and toys when possible.
  • Recycle everything. This isn't just restricted to solely paper and plastic. Donate used clothes and other household materials that may still be of use rather than disposing of them in dangerous landfills. This way you reduce the gas produced in such landfills.
  • Plant a tree. This helps to reduce the amounts of carbon dioxide that are produced in the air. It also supplies the air with brand new oxygen as well.

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