The Truth About Termites and Pest Control – My Home and Global Warming

Many scientists argue over the issue of Global Warming, some say the climate change is caused by man’s pollution, mainly CO2. Others completely disagree stating that the Planet cools and heats in cycles that have been going on for 5 Billion years and it is absurd for humankind to think they have a major roll in causing it or in trying to prevent it. Whether you side with the media and the Global Warming Alarmists is immaterial to the fact that pollution is problematic. But did you know that your home could be giving off much more greenhouse gasses than you realize?

It’s true, in fact termites cause greenhouse gasses as they eat away at your house, indeed they are one of the largest contributors. Hard to believe isn’t it, that is to say it’s hard to believe something so small as a termite could cause such a huge problem, but that is how the percentages and statistics stack up. Many home owners are adverse to using chemicals to kill termites or pests in their home, but they need to consider it, because first off they cannot sell a home that is termite infested and second, those termites are causing greenhouse gasses.

If you even remotely believe in Global Warming then you need to kill those termites in your own home, before you tell others to stop driving their SUVs, because you may be putting out just as much greenhouse gases as they are without even knowing it. Why be a hypocrite, if you are a true environmentalist, take care of your own space first, then we can talk.

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