Landform Annihilation – The New Global Warming

The news has been out that the global warming expert have been wrong on global warming, they have skewed the records. The so called experts have been making money of this fraud for the past 30 years. It even seems that the media has been helping covering up the lies. Should we actually trust Al Gore because flies around on his private jet? You are probably with the majority of the people about not knowing what to believe on the issues of global warming.

The Issue

A more serious issue that needs to be talked about that actually effects the world is how people are changing landforms. The facts of the changing of the land are sounder than the facts based on global warming. The changing of land is a lot more alarming. It is actually astonishing more people have not picked up on this alarming cause. The destruction has been happening for many years without the news taking claim on it.

The Impact

The impacts on people can be both negative and positive. Negative impacts on the environment can happen when changing landforms. Global warming does not compare to the facts that have been proven with the destruction of landforms. Take a look at people who have changed the flows of rivers. The change in the flow has hurt many animals and fish. Animals and fish have been declared extinct because of these changes.

Cutting down forests is another example of changing landforms that have had a negative impact on our world. Many animals have also died or even become extinct. We hear about owls, leopards and other types of animals that are in the endangered species list because their homes are being destroyed. Another side effect of the forest destruction is there is less trees to clean up the pollution. If we change our forest our planet can change for the worse.

Changing landforms can also have a negative impact on the weather. Flattening out lands can create more winds and change weather patterns. These changes of land can cause a difference in many things such as rain and snow. It is not natural for people to change landforms but it is natural for the world to change it on its own and for weather patterns to change. As a society, we need to take this in consideration and study what we change.

Protect Landforms

We sometimes do need to change landforms to survive. Though, we do need to think about the effects of changing the landforms and how it does effect our environment. The facts hold true and strong that changing landforms can have a negative effect on the environment, weather and animals. Many of the people around the world do not know if global warming is true or not.

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