Image: Proba-V passes the torch

Credit history: VITO

ESA’s cubic-metre-sized Proba-V minisatellite has ended its 7-yr world wide mission to watch the day-to-day development of all Earth’s vegetation, a job being taken up by Copernicus Sentinel-3 rather, viewed correct.

Proba-V was introduced in 2013 to fill a gap in world vegetation monitoring between the finish of France’s Location satellites and Copernicus Sentinel-3. Its compact Vegetation instrument has a 2250-km large continent-scale field of check out, permitting it to image all Earth’s vegetation in just around a single day.

Over-all, the mission has obtained far more than a petabyte of environmental details all through its time in orbit, which was processed and distributed to people by VITO, the Belgian analysis and support centre.

Its observing mission owning ended at the close of June, Proba-V will now to totally free to conduct experimental monitoring in excess of Europe and Africa—including co-observations with new companion missions.

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