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The Powerhouse

To transform organic waste into useful compost, we’ve manufactured a powerful automatic compost machines & waste to compost machine, which takes around 20 hours to decompose all kind of organic waste into compost. Our equally power waste to water machine will remove all the filth from solid waste, and get you drinkable water.

The Greenhouse Effect

Taking nature for granted has caused enough damage on mankind, so let’s just stop and think as to how we can contribute to the protection of our beautiful planet. Opting for natural sources of energy for our everyday needs is the way to move forward. We provide innovative waste to compost machines that convert from 2KG to 1000KG of solid waste per day.

Nurture Nature

Nature has been compared to ‘Mother’ because it is the main source of nourishment for all beings. Let us protect and support what is sustaining the life on earth. Opt for waste to compost and waste to water machines to contribute towards safeguarding nature.

Waste Reduction

The key to waste reduction is recycling the waste in order to get something useful out of it. Commit yourself to developing natural resources and you will find how it supports the local economy, materials and labour. Our main emphasis is on promoting a cleaner and healthier environment with less carbon footprint. This will also promote organic farming, thus leading to quality food produce.

We Cover the Whole Spectrum

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Composting Process is Totally Natural & Biological Process. Our Composting Machine is Fully Automatic. It Decomposes all kind of Organic Waste into Compost within 20 hrs. This entire process is Noiseless and Odorless.


Waste to water machines which ultimately converts solid waste into useful water. Now, this solid waste could be any form of organic food waste, and the water which comes out, as a result, will be a certified nutrient liquid which is in high demand for household use, public waste water disposal system and for agriculture and horticulture purposes.


Soon we’ll be launching new products that will benefit in green energy and green earth initiatives

Industrial Applications





Housing Societies

Food Processing Units